Who We Are?

The BMR Training Academy offer a comprehensive portfolio of corporate technical training, soft skill training, domain specific training & integrated industry programme. Spearheaded by a powerhouse team of industry pioneers, the academy provides a number of courses for students and upcoming IT professional who are looking to enter the corporate industry, from general courses that provide a sound overview to more specialist courses catered for those who have identified a specific segment that they potentially wish to pursue a career in. The BMR is built upon the principles of learning from the best, and it is for this reason that each session is delivered by a relevant, experienced and well respected professional within the industry. The courses are designed specifically to fulfill to 2 main objectives – ‘what’ and ‘how’.

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To be a globally recognized brand and to emerge as an acclaimed body for setting training & development standards in India and worldwide.


To be the preferred and most trusted flexible training provider in the corporate industry; thus providing bespoke training, learning development and qualifications that meets each individual’s goals and aspirations.


Everybody has got talent, passion & a leader in them. We just need to train & coach them to emerge as a winner in all spheres of life.

Courses Offered


They also feel that the professionalism of students is less than it should be. Even though there are a large number of theories on how to encourage employees and increase profits, it is apparent that enhanced levels of education are not enough to prepare students for a real world environment. Being able to improve these weaknesses will make graduates much more effective in their careers. By using internships, students are provided with experience that will make them stronger.

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Our Methodology

Meeting Clients

Understanding pain points, Pre-training analysis, Assessment report to clients.

BMR Solutions & Services

Presenting various services offered by BMR Training Academy.

Training Delivery

Classroom training, On the Job training, Webinar, E-learning solution,practical sessions.


Report & feedback submission, Continuous training as per training plan/calendar.

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